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  • So what is CV? Basically CV stands for curriculum vitae. In Latin which mean course of life it's actually a summary of your experience skills and education and achievements what you have achieved in past. So now question comes how long your CV should be? Your CV must contain your name, your qualification, your achievements, your skills, your hobbies, your contact details your referees, work experience, and why you want to get this job. These are few important and basic things which should be in CV. The good your CV will be the better is your chances to get the job. Your grammar, layout, presentation and style make your CV look good. Good CV, can get you a good job. So you upload your CV on our website and send proposals to desired companies. They will look at it and if it attracts them and make them willing to hire you will get a call from the company. So job Hunters should make a CV which is attractive enough for the company. Your skills and hobbies are equally important so the better your skills are the good job you will get. So again it's the business between you and the company who will hire you. Here also we are going to do nothing we are just providing you are platform so that you can upload your CV and look for a good job.
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