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163, Afghan Ln, Delhi Gate, Nai Basti, Chatta Mohalla, Ghaziabad, India
Job Detail
  • Industry:
  • Total Positions:
  • Job Type:
    Full Time
  • Salary:
  • Job Location:
    Bangalore, India
  • Minimum Education:
  • Minimum Experience:
    5 Years
  • Apply By:
    Dec 17, 2017
  • Job Posting Date:
    Aug 17, 2017
Job Description

What is the primary KRA:
a)Design, Develop and deploy Java applications / framework components (web / services / executable)
b) Research on solution options / 3rd party libraries / framework options and help select the optimal solution for a given problem statement
c) Code review for team / peers
d) Mentor and Train Java developers
e) Troubleshoot issues faced by self / team while developing or deploying web application / services / batch applications.
f) Own deployment for components (batch / web / restful services) on non-prod and prod environments.
g) Manage work assignments for a team of 4-6 developers
a) Prepare integration documents for partner integration where required.
b) Prepare design documentation.
c) participate in appraisal and provide feedback for team members
Know How:
1. Should be able to code optimally following good coding practices.
2. Should be able to deploy applications (troubleshoot, manage access, identify tools required / libraries required / tomcat / jetty / weblogic experience) in non-prod and prod environments.
3. Research and try out different 3rd party libraries to meet the requirement. To determine if 3rd party library should be used or to be built in-house.
4. Should be able to select a framework based on the requirement and present the pros and cons of multiple framework options to peers and managers for decision making
5. Should be able to build a code review checklist
6. Should be able to use tools / plug-ins for code review with the IDE (SonarLint, AgileReview) and configure them as per the defined checklist.
7. Should be able to manually review the code elements and guide and track closure for the same with team.
8. Should be able to break-down technical tasks given into sub-tasks for team members and ensure overall delivery and raise red flags if any.
9. Should be able to troubleshoot issues faced by team / self in development and prod environments and solve them. eg: Access / dependencies etc
10. Should be able to design for the requirements and explain the design considerations to architect team and percolate it down to developers for implementation.
11. Should be able to guide / mentor developers on how to code and why to do so.
12. Should be able to run unit tests (manual / automated) to code delivered by team members.
13. Should be able to prepare documentation - Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams, API documentation, deployment document, integration document, ERD.
14. Should be able to give a formal feedback to team members on their technology skillset and areas where they need to improve and build a plan to achieve that.

Skills Required

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