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Dongguan, India
Current Openings : 1
Staff Members : 51-100 Employees
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About Glikon

The Glikon sole cleaning machine adopts the combination of advanced brush structure technology and unique water circulation cleaning technology to quickly remove dust particles on the sole, and the user can get effective cleaning through the sole from the equipment. Clean, fast and efficient, energy saving and environmental protection. One-time input, long-term use, effectively reducing production costs. Improve the cleanliness of the workshop floor and the workshop environment; improve the production process conditions and product quality; enhance the image of the workshop. Greatly reduce all kinds of dirt, shoe prints, etc. left by the sole stepping on the ground, so that the soles are washed and dried in one go; and it does not affect the efficiency of workshop personnel passing through; cut off and control the dust-free workshop from the source Important pollutants in the area enter the workshop; practice has proved that the Vokelion sole cleaner can effectively cut off the source of dust pollution, which can greatly improve the cleanliness of the workshop, or reduce the ground of the work area by more than 80%.

Current Jobs in Glikon
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Glikon  -  Dongguan
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29 Aug 2020

Job Responsibilities: 1. Assist department leaders and sales personnel to complete sales documentary matters; 2. Under the leadership of the department manager, conscientiously do a good job in the company's marketing work, strive to open up the market, and complete…