What is MSP

Managed Service Provider (MSP)
A Managed Service Provider refers to the hub where employers and recruitment agencies meet to provide a service for one another. The recruitment agency has a collection of people seeking employment. The employer comes to the recruitment agency seeking for personnel. Based on the requirements required by the employer, the recruitment agency goes to its data base looking for the ideal candidate for the job. Both the employer and recruitment agency pays subscription fee to the hub which has made their work easier by bringing them together to make these transactions.

Advantages of Managed Service Provider

Saves time and money
If employers went through the harrowing process of vetting and interviewing all the candidates that have been shortlisted for a certain job, it would take quite a bit of time especially if the number of qualified candidates is large. It is sometimes possible to get hundreds of qualified candidates all looking to fill in the one vacancy advertised. MSP not only saves time, it also saves money.

Recruitment agency does all the back ground checks
One of the challenges employers face is doing due diligence on potential employees. Not all qualified candidates are right for the job based on other unsavory details on their character and personality. The recruitment agency would not want to be associated with an employee who turns out to be a thief, for example. This is why recruitment agencies take some time to do back ground checks before they accept job applications from people interested in being in their data base.

Increased chances of getting the ideal employee
Many people are registered in the data bases on the recruitments agencies. Some of them are good at the service requested but employers may miss them either because the employee failed to see the vacancy advert or the application got lost among the many that came in. It is easy for an employer to lose a great potential employee because of the exhaustion that comes with the selection process.

Exposure to different recruitment agencies
Employers have the advantage of comparing potential recruits from different recruitment agencies. This way they pick the absolute best from the pack. Should an employer face a problem with the recruit from one agency, he can easily choose from another instead of going through the advertising process and interviewing that would have been done if another recruiting system would have been used.  

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