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Recruitment Services

We would like to introduce ourselves as  Recruitment and Staffing services provider Company focusing on all fields all over India. .
We understand that each corporation is unique in its culture, environment, leadership and vision. Each candidate is a unique individual, capable of achieving extraordinary heights in a suitable work environment. Our stress is to make a successful match of the two.
We are committed to continuously improve and exceed client expectation with respect to timelines, quality of candidates and ensuring minimal efforts by the client in the selection process.
Our objective is to provide value addition to your business by catering to your human resource requirements. Industries we operate :-

Information Technology
Oil and Gas

The recruitment process at ASM WEB TECH comprises of stages viz:         
Strategy Development 
Evaluation and Control 

ASM WEB TECH Ideal recruitment program is the one that attract a relatively larger number of qualified applications who will survive the screening process and will accept positions with the organizations, when offered. ASM WEB TECH knows that the Recruitment program should not miss the ideal in many ways by failing to attract an adequate application pool, by under/over selling the organization, or by inadequately screening applications before they enter the selection process. 

ASM WEB TECH is master in Evaluation and control which is necessary as considerable costs are incurred in the recruitment process, viz. Salaries for recruiters, management and professional time spent on preparing job description, advertisements, agency liaison, and so forth. 
Phases of Successful Staffing 

After the candidate has been short listed at our end and is ready to face the interview, we schedule the same with you, as per mutual convenience of both the parties.
Our Service Charges:

We guarantee free replacement of any candidate, if he quits the job within 3 months of joining.
Our service charge is 8.33% (For junior levels), 10% (For Middle levels) and 12.5% ( For senior levels ) , of annual gross salary + service tax, payable within 15 days from the date of joining.

Contact Details
For any personal query please contact: SumitMittal
Phone: 987-329-8058